The idea of ​​logicoss was born in 2008 during the Paris Marathon in the face of a simple observation: in the absence of centralized Medical Encounter the volunteers in charge of Family Info Points were unable to give reliable information, within reasonable time to people looking for their relatives.

Since that date, logicoss has been built around this idea of ​​centralizing all the Search & Rescue information, in order to be able to redistribute this information in a secure and controlled manner according to the role of each actor of the Medical Service and Safety Service.

Over the years, logicoss became an essential tool for the safety of a each event. The day of the event, logicoss guarantees the effectiveness and responsiveness of rescue operations . The day after the event, the platform enables a simplification of administrative procedures for the organizer and the organization in charge of rescue. The traceability in time and space of all Search And Rescue operations allows the edition of precise activity reports, in accordance with the common requirements of the Autorithies. Meantime, logicoss offers important guarantees for the legal protection of the organizer and medical staffs, whose are usually volunteers! Finally, the analysis of accidentology histories enables to review the Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) of the event, thus allowing to improving it easily edition after edition.


D-DAY : Answer to families & live rescue operation efficiency
DAY + 1 : Legal & administrative process easiness
YEAR + 1 : Healthcare response improvement